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In loving memory of

Demildred Brown Thompson

November 3, 1953 - August 5, 2000

When someone you love becomes a memory, her memory becomes a treasure.


The Family of



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Textured Vintage Photo Frame
Textured Vintage Photo Frame

DeMildred's loved ones knew how much she treasured family gatherings, so they conspired to create a surprise family dinner for her. As she entered the room, she was met with the joyful shouts and warm embraces of relatives from near and far. The love and happiness in that room were palpable, etching an unforgettable moment of love and togetherness in her heart.

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Family Portrait with Newborn
Family Preparing Food in the Kitchen

Demildred had a heart full of compassion, and one day, she came across a person in need. Without hesitation, she offered a helping hand, providing comfort, support, and assistance in their time of need. The gratitude and genuine smile that lit up the person's face created an unforgettable moment of kindness and the realization of the profound impact a simple act of compassion can have on someone's life.

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If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair." - Shirley Chisholm

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." - Maya Angelou


"I don't have time to be classified as difficult. There are too many other women of color who have to go to work and not be able to say anything." - Viola Davis

Nov. 3, 1953

Mildred Born

Dotted Journey Line with Milestones

1954 Brown v. Board of Education

Montgomery Bus Boycott

1963 MLK March on Washington

Civil Rights Act: In '64

Los Angeles Riots

Aug. 25, 2000

The Memory Lives Forever

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"Demildred's unwavering faith was an inspiration to all who knew her. She lived her life as a true example of love, grace, and forgiveness. We find solace knowing that she is now at peace, forever embraced by the love of her Heavenly Father."

- The Cedar Grove Baptist Church Congregation

"Demildred's love for her family was immeasurable. She poured her heart and soul into creating a nurturing and joyful home for her loved ones. Her legacy of family unity and unconditional love will continue to inspire generations to come."

- The Brown Cousins



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"Demildred's smile could light up a room, and her laughter was contagious. She had a way of making you feel seen and valued. We will forever cherish the memories of her infectious joy and the love she showered upon us."

- The Davis Family

"Demildred was a beacon of strength and love. Her unwavering faith and genuine kindness touched the lives of everyone she encountered. Her legacy of warmth and compassion will forever resonate in our hearts."

- The Johnson Family

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DeMildred B. Thompson

"I possessed an ethereal grace, radiating warmth and kindness that touched hearts and illuminated every room she entered."

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