In Loving Memory of Treva Glaspie

She will hold a special place in our hearts and minds forever.

Simple Film Frame

"Preserving my story, embracing my legacy."


Photo Film Frame
Textured Vintage Photo Frame
Textured Vintage Photo Frame
Textured Vintage Photo Frame
Praying Hands Illustration

Family / Friend Tributes

Love your granddaughter

In the hushed moments of family gatherings, Grandma's voice would rise, captivating us all with tales of resilience and love, leaving us spellbound as her stories wove a timeless tapestry that bound us together across generations. Her spirit lives on, inspiring us to carry forth her legacy of strength and compassion, forever grateful for the gift of her presence in our lives.

Community Rememberance

Her legendary acts of kindness earned her the community title of "The Garage Fairy" among the community, spreading smiles and laughter as her magic fueled both cars and hearts alike.

Radiating Rays Ornament


"She possessed an ethereal grace, radiating warmth and kindness that touched hearts and illuminated every room she entered."

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